TechSmith Relay (Self-Hosted): What Presenters Need to Know Most

You need to communicate the following to presenters. You can use this information in an email introducing TechSmith Relay to your presenters.

There are helpful videos

Get presenters to watch the overview accessible from the login screen of the recorder and in the Help section on the TechSmith Relay website. You may want to send presenters directly to the video so they can review TechSmith Relay before accessing the Recorder or having to sign in to the TechSmith Relay website.

Make a test recording

There’s a blue TEST button in the TechSmith Relay recorder presenters can use to verify they are recording the correct screen and that audio is recording properly. Nothing is worse than recording an hour presentation with no audio.

How uploading works

As soon as the presenter clicks the Submit button in the recorder, the recording gets ready to upload in the background.

  • There is no visual indication of progress.
  • If the recorder is offline (or loses Internet access), the recording automatically uploads (or resumes uploading) as soon as the computer gains Internet access.
  • Presenters receive an email when the presentation is published.
  • Presenters can check the upload, encoding and publishing progress if they log in to the TechSmith Relay website.