TechSmith Relay (Self-Hosted): System Options

Auto Associate Profiles

To ease administration of TechSmith Relay, you can choose specific profiles to automatically assign to new users. Use this option when you want all presenters to have a common profile or set of profiles.

Note: Profiles are only assigned to users when they are first added to TechSmith Relay. Changes made to the automatically assigned profiles list are not reflected on existing TechSmith Relay users.

Automatically Associate Profiles

  1. Go to System > System Options > Auto Associate Profiles tab.
  2. If needed, enable the option to Automatically associate selected profiles with new users. (This option is enabled by default.)
  3. Select a profile in the dropdown list and click Add. Repeat to add all required profiles to the list.
  4. Click Save.

Manage Auto Associate Setting for Single Profile

  1. Go to Profiles.
  2. Click a profile.
  3. Click the Associated Users tab.

  4. At the bottom of the page, enable or disable the Automatically associate this profile with new users option.

Tip: If you do not see this option, you need to turn on this functionality. Go to System > System Options > Auto Associate Profiles and enable the Automatically associate selected profiles with new users option. When you return to the Associated Users tab of a profile, you will see the option.

Auto Import Users

To ease administration of TechSmith Relay, you can enable a system option to import an LDAP user when they log in to TechSmith Relay (website or recorder) with valid LDAP credentials.

Tip: Use this option with automatically assigning profiles for the easiest way to get TechSmith Relay set up using LDAP authentication.

Automatically Add Users with LDAP

  1. Go to System > System Options >Auto Import Users.
  2. Enable the option to Automatically import users with valid LDAP credentials.
  3. Click Save.

As presenters successfully log in to either the TechSmith Relay website or the TechSmith Relay Recorder with LDAP usernames and passwords, they are automatically added to TechSmith Relay. If you enabled profiles to automatically assign to new users, the presenters can access the selected profiles immediately.

Portable Recorder Options

Administrators can decide how they would like presenters to access the portable recorder. Choose from the following:

Available by download only

The portable recorder is available on the website.

Presenters can log in to the website and download the portable recorder and transfer it to a mobile storage device, such as a USB drive.

Use this option if presenters are reasonably “technical” and understand downloading and unzipping files.

Available by email request only

There is a button available on the website to request a portable recorder.

Presenters can log in to the website and click this link to send an email request to the administrator. The administrator receives an email with the request.

Use this option if presenters are “not technical” and may not understand downloading and unzipping files. You can put the portable recorder on a mobile storage device and give it to the presenter.

Not available

There is no way for a presenter to download or request a portable recorder.

Use this option if you will handle distributing all portable recorders or do not want to use the portable recorder in your organization.

Even if they do not have access to the portable recorder, presenters are still able to find information about it in the help and other locations.

For information about how to upload presentations from a portable recorder, see Portable Recorder.

Email Notifications

With installation and initial configuration of TechSmith Relay, you are asked to provide email server information. You can also choose to enable or disable email notifications from TechSmith Relay.

These notifications include messages directly from the system:

  • Password changes
  • Trial expiration
  • Server disk space warnings
  • Presentations needing attention
  • Presentations held for captioning

Note: This option does not affect any profile notifications.

To update your email notification setting:

  1. Go to System > System Options > Email Notification tab.
  2. Enable or disable the Enable email notifications option.
  3. Click Save.

Note: To hide the Send Feedback link in emails, deselect the Hide feedback link in emails option. The feedback is sent to TechSmith and won't impact administration of your TechSmith Relay server.

Send Usage Data

By default, the Send Usage Data option is enabled. This means that anonymous information about your hardware and the usage of TechSmith Relay is sent, securely, to TechSmith. No personal information about your organization or presenters is sent.

To disable this option, uncheck Automatically sends usage data to TechSmith.

To see the actual data being collected, use the Information Gathering Application. The Information Gathering Application is located here: C:\Program Files\TechSmith\Relay Server\Manager\InfoGathering.exe

For more on the type of information collected, see the help file included in the Information Gathering Application.