TechSmith Relay (Self-Hosted): Plug-ins

Plug-ins are modules that you can install to add additional publish destinations or notification options to TechSmith Relay. TechSmith Relay comes with various plug-ins available to install for both publish destinations and notification servers:

NamePlug-In TypeInstalled by Default?
Blackboard Notification No
Email Notification Yes
Moodle Notification No
Amazon S3 Publish Destination No
Drupal Publish Destination No
File System Publish Destination Yes
FTP Server Publish Destination Yes
iTunes U Publish Destination No
Kaltura Publish Destination No
Mediasite Publish Destination No Publish Destination Yes
Microsoft Windows SharePoint Publish Destination No
WebDav Publish Destination No
YouTube Publish Destination No

Note: The list of plug-ins that are installed by default is for a new installation. When upgrading from a previous version of TechSmith Relay, any plug-ins that were installed prior to the upgrade are still available.

Additional plug-ins may periodically become available. Instructions to add a new plug-in to your server will be provided with the plug-in.

Install a Plug-In

Before a plug-in is available to use, you must first verify and install the plug-in.

    1. Once a plug-in is available on your server, go to System > Plug-Ins.
    2. Locate the plug-in in the list and click Verify.

      The TechSmith Relay server verifies that it can load the plug-in. Once the plug-in is verified, an Install button appears.

    3. Click Install.

      If the plug in installs correctly, the button disappears.

    4. Complete setup for the newly added plug-in:

      • Go to Profiles > Publish Destination Setup to access publish destinations.

      • Go to Profiles > Notification Server Setup to access notification servers.

Remove a Plug-In

Before you can remove a plug-in, it cannot be in use.

    1. Go to System > Plug-Ins.
    2. Determine if the plug-in is in use.
      • If the plug-in is not in use, there is a Remove button available for the plug-in.
      • If the Remove button is not available, check the following pages to see where the plug-in is in use and delete any dependencies:
        • Profiles > Publish Destination Setup
        • Profiles > Publish Account Setup
        • Profiles > Notification Server Setup
        • Profiles > Notification Setup
    3. Click Remove.

      The plug-in is removed from use but is not removed from the server. All files related to the plug-in are still available on the server. The plug-in stays in the list and can be installed again.