TechSmith Relay (Self-Hosted): Overview

Profiles are the backbone of TechSmith Relay. They allow presenters to record without having to make any decisions about how the presentations are processed or where they are placed for viewing.

Profile setup involves settings and information found on the following pages:

Information about Profiles

  • Upload and Decide Later Profile

    The Upload and Decide Later Profile uploads the recorded presentation to the TechSmith Relay server but the recording is not encoded or published. An authorized presenter or TechSmith Relay administrator must assign a different profile and submit the recording for publishing via the TechSmith Relay website.

    Why use the Upload and Decide Later Profile?

    • For guest presenters, it is the only profile available.
    • You make a presentation in advance, but do not want it published until later.
    • You are not satisfied with existing profile options and wish to hold the recording on the server until you can contact your TechSmith Relay administrator to create or modify a profile.
  • Tab Status Icons

    Each tab shows its current status. The status icons are as follows:

    Everything on this tab is valid and in working order.

    Something on this tab is not quite right. You might want to verify that you are not missing anything. This does not make a profile invalid.

    Example: There are no notifications selected.

    There is an error on this tab. You will need to enter or correct information before this profile can be used.

    Example: There are publish destinations without encode settings selected.

Create a New Profile

To create a new profile:

  1. Go to Profiles.
  2. Click the New Profile button.

    The Profile Setup page opens.

  3. Work through, from top to bottom, the tabs at the left side of the page.