TechSmith Relay (Self-Hosted): Account Settings

Depending on how your TechSmith Relay administrator sets up TechSmith Relay, you may need or want to modify your TechSmith Relay account.

Note: Presenters may not have the ability to modify their TechSmith Relay account information in some cases. For example, if presenter login information in TechSmith Relay is bound to network credentials presenters cannot edit username and password on the TechSmith Relay website.

On the Change Account Information tab, presenters can access the following fields:

  • The Name field changes the name used in presentation notifications.
  • The Email Address field changes the email address to which email notifications, such as completed presentations, are sent.

If the Change Password tab is available, presenters can change the password they use to log into the TechSmith Relay website and recorder.

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