TechSmith Relay (Self-Hosted): Important TechSmith Relay Concepts

Before you start using TechSmith Relay, there are several concepts you should be familiar with. Please review the following topics.

The TechSmith Relay Recorder

To record a presentation, you first need to download and install the TechSmith Relay recorder on your computer. Click Download Recorders and then click the recorder download link for your operating system to start the download.

The portable recorder can be installed on a mobile storage device, such as a USB flash drive. This recorder provides you with an option for recording when you:

  • Do not have permission to install applications.
  • Have limited or no network access.
  • Have several presentations and want to upload them collectively at a later time.

Important: Depending on your organization, the portable recorder may or may not be available. Contact your administrator for more information.

For more information on the recorder, see Download Recorders.


Profiles are the backbone of TechSmith Relay. They allow presenters to record without having to make any decisions about how the presentations are processed or where they are placed for viewing.

Profiles are created by the administrator and include settings that define how the presentation is recorded, processed, and published. When selecting a profile in the TechSmith Relay Recorder, only the profile title is available to help presenters choose which one to use; the profile description is only visible on the website.

The Upload and Decide Later Profile sends the recording to the TechSmith Relay server but does not process the recording in any way. The presentation stays in the Needs Attention state on the server until an administrator or the presenter selects a profile to use or deletes the presentation.

For more information, see Profiles.


After presentations are processed, they are sent to publish destinations for viewing. Publish destinations include locations like iTunes, a account, a file server, etc. In many cases, account credentials are required to access publish destinations.

There are two ways that TechSmith Relay can handle credentials. Credentials can be supplied by an administrator, or a presenter may be required to enter his or her own account credentials.

In the case where a presenter is required to enter credentials, he or she must log into the TechSmith Relay website and add a publish account for a given publish destination.

Presentations submitted using a profile that needs a presenter to add a publish account are held in the Needs Attention state until a valid publish account is added.

For more information on how to add a publish account, see Publish Account Setup.

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