Tips for Creating Your Analysis Video

Creating an analysis video is the best way to share your coaching wisdom and offer constructive feedback. To supplement your coaching and to help you get your points across visually, Coach's Eye offers features and functionalities such as analysis tools, slow motion playback capabilities, voice over narration, and frame-by-frame scrubbing. We know how important your video content is and we want to help you elevate your videos and make them as effective as possible. That's why we've created this tutorial, filled with tips and tricks for creating your analysis videos.

To create a detailed and effective analysis video:

1. Review and Plan
Carefully review the video footage you plan on creating a video analysis for. As you're reviewing the content think about the following:

  • What feedback do you want to give? At what point(s) in the video does it make the most sense to give your feedback and record voice narration?
  • Where do you want your analysis video to begin and end?
  • Are there places in your video where it would be helpful to pause while you record your voice narration?
  • What analysis tools could you use to better illustrate your feedback and keep your viewer engaged? For example, if there is a small detail which may be hard to notice in the video, would it be helpful to use the spotlight to call out the detail and help focus the viewer's attention?
  • At what points in the video would it be helpful to use frame-by-frame scrubbing or play the video in slow motion?
2. Create a Script
Once you've reviewed your video, it may be helpful to create a script of what you want to say, or at least write down specific bullet points. You may also want to take note of specific times in the video when you wish to offer specific feedback or highlight certain things.

3. Rehearse
Once you've created your script and know what you want to say, it's beneficial to rehearse your presentation before recording. This includes walking through the analysis video, practicing using the analysis tools, as well as reading your script. Practice until you feel comfortable and your presentation flows smoothly.

Things to Consider Before and During Recording:

1. Quiet Location
To avoid having background noise in your video, you'll want to find a quiet location to record your analysis video. Although it may seem odd, a closet is often a good place to record in. Try to avoid recording your analysis video outside where you may pickup background noise from the wind, traffic, etc. Also, make sure you find a location where you won't have an echo. The best thing to do to ensure quality sound for your video, is to perform a couple of practice recordings and make sure you're pleased with the audio before creating your final analysis video.

2. Eliminate Interference While Recording
Enable do not disturb mode or put your phone to airplane mode right before you start recording your analysis video. This will prevent notifications or phone calls from popping up in the middle of your recording. Don't forget to take your phone out of airplane mode before attempting to share or export your video.

3. Use the Pause Button
Remember, you can pause your recording at any time- you do not have to complete it all in one take. This is particularly helpful if you have a longer analysis video to record. Use the pause button to take breaks, collect your thoughts, make adjustments, clear your screen, etc.

4. Go Easy on Yourself!
Your video does not have to be perfect. It's ok to make mistakes- it lets your viewer know you're human. When creating your first few analysis videos, it may take you a bit longer. However, once you get the hang of it, you'll be able to create a quality analysis video within minutes!