Creating a .GIF From Your Videos (Android)

An exclusive feature in Coach’s Eye for Android is creating a .GIF file. GIF’s are a great way to highlight the best parts of your video. Share these moments with your friends, family, or colleagues through email, social networking apps, and more.

To create an animated .GIF:

  1. To view and share your GIFs once they are created, you'll need to download an additional application. There are several free and paid options available in the Google Play Store but for this example we have chosen to work with ES File Explorer.

  2. In the Coach's Eye app, open the video you want to create a .GIF, collage or thumbnail from. Tap on the Menu dots in the top right corner (A) and select Details (B). Then choose More (C) followed by Make GIF (D).

  3. Use the flywheel to scrub to where you want the GIF to start (A). Tap the IN button (B). Then, use the flywheel to scrub to where you want the GIF to stop (A). Tap the OUT button (C). When you're satisfied with your selection, tap on the START button to generate the animation (D).


  4. Tap on the ES Image Browser option to open your .GIF.

  5. To share your .GIF, tap on the menu dots (A) and then tap on Share (B). Select the option you want to use to share your .GIF (C).

    To locate the .GIF that you created on your mobile device:

    1. Open the ES File Explorer App.

    2. Tap on Internal Storage (A) then select Pictures (B). Finally select the Coach's Eye folder (C). Here you can choose which .GIF file to open (D).