GoPro Terms of Service

Purchase and Warranty

Please note that all GoPro hardware purchases made through Coach's Eye are final, non-refundable and non-exchangeable.

GoPro products are guaranteed against manufacturing defects one (1) year from the original date of of purchase. You can learn more about the GoPro product warranty by visiting the GoPro website. Please contact GoPro customer support for further information about the manufacturer warranty.

The Coach's Eye + GoPro product bundles come with either, 1) a free one (1) year subscription to the Coach's Eye VIP service tier, or 2) a discounted one (1) year subscription to the Coach's Eye TEAMS service tier. After one year the subscription will auto-renew at the regular yearly price. You will receive a courtesy reminder via email two weeks before your subscription is set to renew. You can cancel your renewal at anytime by emailing

Integration Requirements

Coach's Eye GoPro integration requires a valid VIP or TEAMS account and is available for both Apple and Android smartphones and tablets.

Android OS v4.3 or greater is required and Apple iOS v8 or greater is required in order to install and run Coach's Eye.

4K video is not currently supported in the Coach's Eye analyzer.

Coach’s Eye wireless import integration is supported on GoPro Hero3 or greater cameras. Live preview and remote record triggering (start / stop) is available for GoPro Hero4 or greater cameras.

Integration Support

You can find tutorials about Coach's Eye GoPro integration by visiting Coach’s Eye support.

If you have additional questions or need support with the Coach's Eye GoPro integration, please contact Coach's Eye support.