GoPro Integration for Android Devices

With a Coach's Eye + VIP or TEAMS subscription, you also have access to our GoPro integration. Now you take your GoPro videos to the next level by wirelessly importing them into Coach's Eye for analysis and sharing!

**Please Note: The Coach's Eye integration is only supported with the GoPro Hero 4 and GoPro Hero 5 Session cameras..

**Please Note: You will need to have the GoPro app installed on your mobile device, for the integration to work properly. Get the GoPro app from the Google Play Store HERE. Additionally, you will need to pair your GoPro camera with the GoPro app, and connect your mobile device to your GoPro Wi-Fi network, before you can use the Coach's Eye integration.

*View video tutorial here

*View written tutorials here.

To pair your GoPro camera with the GoPro app:

  1. Make sure you have your GoPro nearby. Open the GoPro app on your mobile device.


  3. Select your GoPro model or tap Add New Device, if you do not see your specific device listed in the options.

  4. Follow the instructions provided within the GoPro app, to pair your GoPro camera with the app.

To connect your mobile device to your GoPro's Wi-Fi connection:

  1. Open the Settings app on your mobile device. 

  2. Then, tap on the Wi-Fi option. 

  3. Find the appropriate network for your GoPro and tap to connect.

To import your GoPro videos into Coach's Eye:

  1. Open the Coach's Eye app on your mobile device. Tap the camera icon.


  2. Tap the GoPro option.


  3. If you ARE NOT connected to your GoPro's Wi-Fi network, you will receive the following message. Tap OPEN WI-FI SETTINGS, to connect to your GoPro's Wi-Fi network via your device's Settings app. Otherwise, tap on NEED HELP, if you require additional assistance.

    **Please Note: You will need to return to the Coach's Eye app once you have connected to your GoPro's Wi-Fi network.

  4. Once you are connected to your GoPro's Wi-Fi network, Coach's Eye will connect with your GoPro video library.


  5. Tap to select the video you want to import into Coach's Eye. If you want to select multiple videos to import, long press on the first video, then tap on the rest of the videos you wish to import. Tap the import icon. You can also select the import all option.

    **Please Note: It's important that you do not close out of the app, let your device go to sleep, or shut down your device while the videos are importing. Any of these actions will most likely interrupt the upload process and cause the videos to fail importing.

  6. Your GoPro videos can now be found in your Device Library, under the My Videos section of the Coach's Eye app.