iExplorer Solution for Updating Coach's Eye App

If, for some reason, your device is not allowing a Coach's Eye update to go through, you will need to start from scratch. The best way to do this, and keep your videos, is detailed in the process below. Otherwise, if you are not concerned with keeping the videos, you can simply uninstall and reinstall the app on your mobile device. The steps below require a mac computer. 

**Please Note: Completing the steps below will result in the loss of Titles, Time Stamps and Unbuilt Analysis of your videos in Coach's Eye. 

**WARNING!!!: We typically do not recommend doing this because it can permanently change the application if the steps are not followed exactly.

**WARNING!!!: Do not touch any folders other than the recommended below. You can permanently debilitate Coach's Eye if you tamper with any other folders.

  1. Download iExplorer on your mac:

  2. After downloading, plug your device into your MAC using the USB cable you use to charge the device

  3. Remove your videos from Coach's Eye by finding the app in iExplorer, then going to Documents > Media and selecting all the videos. Drag these videos into your "Movies" folder on your mac. (See video tutorial:

  4. After that, delete the Coach's Eye app, and reinstall from the App Store.

  5. Once you have completed step 4, drag and drop the videos you took out of the folder back into the very same folder.