Experiencing Uploading Issues when Sharing Videos

A few things to keep in mind when uploading your Coach's Eye videos from your mobile device:

  • The email / SMS is sent prior to the video finishing uploading and processing on the server. You need to keep Coach's Eye open and active until the upload finishes (don't close the app or let the device fall to sleep). 

  • You will see a blue upload progress bar at the top of the screen. You can also tap the Notifications tab and see the upload progress of all the videos you are attempting to share or backup.

  • If an upload fails, you can retry the upload via the Notifications tab (no need to send a new email, the video link will remain the same).

  • If the video is large, or you have several simultaneous uploads:
          1. Make sure you have a solid Internet connection, then launch Coach's Eye.

          2. Plug your iPhone / iPad into a power outlet.

          3. Leave Coach's Eye open and in the foreground.

          4. Walk away.

  • If plugged in, Coach's Eye will keep your device awake until all uploads are finished. When done, the app will allow the device to go to sleep (the screen will go dark with the device is sleeping). Apple's devices are very protective of battery power. When an app is put in the background or the device falls asleep, the iOS background watchdog limits what can happen in the background in order to protect battery life / performance of other apps. Following the steps above keeps the app device awake so that the upload can finish.