Retrieve FTP Files From Your Windows Device

To retrieve the Coach's Eye FTP files on your Windows Device:

a. Using your standard Windows File Explorer, go to our FTP site to pull down a few files.

  1. In the address bar where you'd usually type a folder path (i.e., C:\Users\YourName\Documents), type "".

  2. Provided you successfully navigate to that location, before the folders are displayed, you'll be prompted for login information. Enter "customer" for the name, and "support" is the password.

  3. Find a folder named "CoachsEyeWinRT". Open it.

  4. There is a folder named <USERS NAME>. Open it.

a. Paste (using right-click and by choosing "paste" from the menu that comes up) the file(s) that we have requested into this folder.

b. Contact us to let us know that you've gone through this process and the file(s) is/are ready.