Making Sure Your Google Accounts Match (Android)

Most people have more than one Google account. When using Coach's Eye on an Android device, it's very important that you're logged into both your device and the Google Play store, using the same account you did at the time of purchase.

If you're on your Android device, but are having difficulty accessing your Coach's Eye purchases (Everything Pack, Ad Removal, etc.), you will want to make sure that both your device and the Google Play Store are using the correct Google account to access the paid app. First, make sure you add the account you used to buy Coach's Eye as an account on your device. Do this by opening your settings app and tapping accounts, and then tapping on Accounts. Once signed in it should display in the list accessed by tapping Google in the account list.



Next make sure to select this account by opening the Play Store, opening the drawer menu from the upper left corner and using the drop down to select the correct account.


Make sure you are also logged into Coach's Eye using the same email address. Open the Coach's Eye app and tap the Menu icon (3 lines).

If the email address does not match the account you used to purchase, tap on the icon to switch accounts.

Sign out and back into the app, using the same account you did to purchase.