Snagit (Mac): Audio Plays Back in Snagit, but Not When Shared


A video that is recorded using Snagit plays back audio when viewed in Snagit. However, when the video is uploaded from the Autosaved Captures to a service like or YouTube, there is no audio, or some audio is missing.


This does not apply to Snagit (Mac) 4 and later. If you are experiencing similar problems with Snagit 4 and later, please submit a support ticket.

Snagit (Mac) has the ability to record system and microphone audio at the same time. This records the audio streams as two separate tracks within the MP4 file that is created. However, these streams cannot be merged until the video is manually saved or shared using an output in Snagit.

  1. Open video in Snagit.
  2. Select File > Save As.
  3. Save the video as a MP4.
  4. Upload the saved MP4 file.


  1. Open video in Snagit.
  2. Use one of the Share outputs available in Snagit to upload the video to a desired destination.