Camtasia (Windows): Part of Recorded Video Displays a Black Strip


This behavior occurs when changing the resolution of the monitor to a non-native resolution and then trying to record.


  1. Exit Camtasia Editor and Recorder. Confirm that they are not running in Task Manager.
  2. Press Windows+R on your keyboard to open the Run window.
  3. Type the following and click OK: regedit
  4. Browse to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\TechSmith\Camtasia Studio\8.0\Camtasia Recorder
  5. Click the 8.0 or 9.0 folder.
  6. Double-click RecorderConfig.
  7. Copy information in Value data.
  8. Open Notepad. Paste information in document.
  9. Find <captureEngineType>0</captureEngineType> and change 0 to 1.
  10. Copy and paste the information back into Value data in the registry.
  11. Close the Registry Editor, and open Camtasia.