Working on the Canvas

The canvas is the area in Snagit Editor to preview and edit captures. The canvas displays the capture selected in the Recent Captures Tray.

Preview Captures

Use the canvas to preview image or video captures before sharing.

Draw or Arrange Objects on the Canvas

The Snagit Editor toolbar consists of image editing tools to annotate, edit, and enhance image captures:

You can customize the toolbar with the frequently used tools, effects, share options, and commands. See Customize the Snagit Editor Toolbar.

Common Image Editing Tasks

Tips for Working on the Canvas

  • To edit moveable objects on the canvas at a later time, save images as a SNAG file.
  • Drag one of the handles on the edge of an image to create more working space on the canvas.
  • The checkerboard pattern on the canvas represents transparent areas in an image. To keep transparency, save the image to a file format that supports transparency. See Transparency Tips.
  • To change the background color around the canvas:
    • Right-click on the canvas and select Background Color and select a color.
    • Or, select File > Editor Options > Editor tab > Background Color.


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