Set Up a Time-lapse Capture

Capture an image from the same location on the screen at a continuous time interval.

  1. In the Capture window, select the Image tab.Image tab
  2. Choose an option from the Selection dropdown.
  3. Add an effect, select a share destination, or customize the other capture options on the Image tab. See Image Tab Settings.
  4. Enable the Time Delay option.
  5. Select the Interval option and set the time interval.
    interval option
  6. Click the Start button or press Print Screen.
    Start button
  7. Click and drag to select an area to capture.
  8. Snagit captures an image based on the time interval set. To end the time-lapse capture, click the Stop button in the Capture window.
    Stop button

TIP: Save a Preset

To save the capture settings for future use, select Add Preset dropdown > New preset from current settings.


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