What Do You Want to Capture?

Discover the many ways to capture with Snagit to meet your needs.

Capture OptionDescription

Capture an Image

Capture an image snapshot of anything on your screen.

Capture a Region

region example

Capture a portion of the screen.

Capture the Entire Screen

Capture the full screen.

If you have multiple monitors, you can only select one screen at a time.

Capture an Open or Hidden Window

expose example

Capture an image of an open or hidden window on the screen.

Capture a Scrolling Window

scroll example

Capture the entire contents of a web browser or application window including the content that extends beyond the visible area in the window.


Panoramic Scrolling Capture

panoramic example

Capture a continuous area within a window by manually panning or scrolling the window's contents.

Capture a Menu

menu example

Capture a dropdown or cascading menu.

Set Up a Time-Delayed Capture

Add extra time before starting the capture to open a menu or set up items on the screen before capture.

Capture Multiple Areas on the Screen

capture multiple areas example

Capture multiple areas on the screen in a single capture.
Capture from a Webcam Capture a still image from a built-in webcam or another camera device.
Capture an Entire Webpage An alternative method to scrolling capture to quickly capture an entire web page.

Capture with a Preset

Presets automatically remember your capture settings. Use presets to:

  • Save commonly used capture settings.
  • Eliminate the setup time before each capture.
  • Quickly switch between capture types based on the task at hand.
  • Reduce the editing required by automatically adding effects or selecting the share location.

Record a Video

Record the action on the screen, the web camera, or audio (from a microphone or system audio) as a MP4 video file.


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