Add an Image Effect

Add an effect to enhance an image. Effects can be applied to the entire image or a selection.

Effects are only available for image captures. Share your video to Camtasia to enhance it with annotations and effects.

Add an Image Effect

  1. Click the Effects button.
    Effects button
  2. The Effects panel opens. Click an effect.
    Effects dropdown
  3. The effect properties open and a preview of the effect is shown on the canvas. Edit the desired properties.
  4. Click the Apply button to apply the effect to the image.

TIP: Add to Quick Effects

To save the effect settings for future use, click the Add to Quick Effects button.

Snagit Effects


border example

Add an outline border around an image.


shark edge example

Add an edge effect to one or more sides of an image.

Perspective and Shear

perspective example

Distorts an image to give the appearance of being viewed from a different angle.

Page Curl

page curl example

Add an effect that peels up the corner of an image.


shadow example

Add a shadow effect to a side or around the entire image.

Image Filters

Apply a filter effect over the entire image.

Color Adjustment

Enhance or correct the color and tonality (lightness, darkness, and contrast) in an image.

Color Replacement

Swap two colors in an image or replace one color with another color.

Spotlight and Magnify

Draw attention to an area in an image by highlighting and enlarging the area.



Overlay text, a logo, or copyright information on an image for identification or to discourage unauthorized use.


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