Combine Images

In Snagit Editor, you can combine images or objects together on the canvas. Combine images to:

  • Show a side-by-side comparison.
  • Enhance an image or graphic.
  • Build a collage or collection of images.
  • Piece together several images to show a process workflow or mockup.


  1. Open the images to combine in the tray.
    • In Snagit Editor, select File > Open.
    • In the Library, double-click to open an image in the tray.
    • To take a new image capture, see Capture an Image.
  2. Click to select the main image in the tray.
  3. To add an image into the main image, drag the image to add from the tray onto the canvas.
  4. The image is added as an editable object. After adding the image, you can:
    • Click and drag the image to change its position.
    • Drag a white handle in or out to resize the pasted image.
    • Right-click on the pasted image and select Flatten to make the pasted image a permanent part of the main image.


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