Remove Unwanted Areas from an Image

Show only the relevant content in an image to maintain your viewer's focus. Snagit offers several ways to remove areas from an image capture:

Trim an Image

Trim an image to remove the extra or unwanted area around an image.

Manual Trim

trim before trim after

On the canvas, drag one of the white handles on the edge of the canvas to trim the top, bottom, or side of an image.

drag to trim

Auto Trim

To remove extra canvas space, select Edit > Trim.

trim before trim after

The area removed from Auto Trim is based on the amount of solid color or transparency around the edges of the canvas.

Crop an Image

Manually select the area to remove around an image.
Crop before Crop after

  1. In Snagit Editor, click to select the Crop tool.
  2. Blue handles and grid lines appear over the image. Drag a blue handle in to crop one side of the image.
  3. Click the Crop button to save the changes.

Cut Out a Section

Delete a vertical or horizontal section from an image and join the two pieces together.

Cut out before Cut out after

  1. In Snagit Editor, click to select the Cut Out tool.
    Cut Out tool
  2. The Quick Styles open. Click to select a style.
  3. A line appears on the canvas. Click and drag on the canvas to select the area to remove.
    Cut out example


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