Add an Image Effect

Add an effect to enhance an image. Effects can be applied to the entire image or a selection.

Effects are only available for image captures. Share your video to Camtasia to enhance it with annotations and effects.

Add an Image Effect

  1. Click the Effects button.
    Effects button
  2. The Effects panel opens. Select a style from the Quick Effects or click the Effect Properties icon button on an effect to customize the settings.
    Effect dropdown

TIP: Add to Quick Effects

As you edit the properties, a new effect appears at the bottom of the Quick Effects. Click the Add icon icon to save the effect for future use

Remove an Effect

  1. Click the Effects button.
  2. The Effects panel opens. Click a blue effect to turn off the effect.
  3. To turn off all effects, click the No Effects Quick Effect.

Snagit Effects


Border effect example

Add an outline border around an image.


Edge effect example

Add an edge effect to one or more sides of an image.


Shadow effect example

Add a shadow effect to a side or around the entire image.


Perspective effect example

Distorts an image to give the appearance of being viewed from a different angle.


Reflection effect example

Add a mirror-like reflection to an image.

Color Filters

Apply a filter effect over the entire image.


Fade effect example

Apply a gradual dimming to the edges of an image.


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