Edit a Video

After recording a video capture, the MP4 file opens in Snagit Editor to preview and edit.

  1. Preview
    To learn how to review the video before sharing it with others, see Video Playback in Snagit.
  2. Cut or Trim
    To learn how to cut out unwanted parts of the video such as mistakes, ums or coughs, or trim the beginning or end of the video, see Trim or Cut Out Unwanted Video Sections.
  3. Create Additional Content from Video
    Learn how to save individual video frames as still images or how to create an Animated GIF file from the video.
  4. Save and Share
    To learn about the many ways to share a video from Snagit, see Share Overview.

TIP: Need More Editing Options?

For additional editing options, share the video to Camtasia.


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