Color Filters

Apply a filter effect over the entire image.

Effects are only available for image captures. Share your video to Camtasia to enhance it with annotations and effects.

Add a Color Filter Effect

  1. Click the Effects button.
    Effects button
  2. The Effects panel opens. Click the Color Filter effect.
  3. Snagit applies the effect to the canvas. Click the Effect Properties icon button on the effect to customize the settings.
  4. Select a color filter from the dropdown:
    Original Image
  • Grayscale: Convert the image from color to shades of gray.
    Grayscale filter
  • Sepia Tone: Apply a monochrome effect to the image.
    Sepia filter
  • Invert: Replace the colors in an image with its inverse colors, similar to a film negative.
    Invert Colors filter

TIP: Add to Quick Effects

As you edit the properties, a new effect appears at the bottom of the Quick Effects. Click the Add icon icon to save the effect for future use.


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