Select the Video Recording Area

To create quality videos, you should consider the recording dimensions before starting the video recording. It is important to select the appropriate dimensions for where you plan to host or share the video with your audience. Snagit provides several ways to help you select the appropriate dimensions for your video recordings.

Select the Video Recording Area

Snagit offers the flexibility to record specific dimensions, a 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio, the entire screen, a region, or a window. Frame the screen content by selecting a recording area that only includes the relevant screen content.

  1. In the Capture window, select the All-in-One tab.
  2. Click the Capture button or press Control-Shift-C.
    Capture button
  3. The orange crosshairs appear. To select the area, complete one of the following:
    Recording Selection Steps to Complete

    Click the Fullscreen button.

    Fullscreen button

    1. Hover the cursor over the window to record.
      Window example
    2. An orange border appears around the window. Click to select.

    Click and drag to select an area on the screen.

    Hold the Shift key to draw a square.

    Custom Dimensions
    1. Click and drag to select an area on the screen.
    2. The toolbar appears. Enter the custom dimensions into the Width and Height fields.

To learn more about setting up a video recording, see Record a Video.

Select Standard Dimensions

Snagit's video guides show standard or recommended dimensions for common video sharing destinations such as YouTube, websites, and mobile devices.


If you plan to share your video to a location that requires specific video dimensions, it is recommended to record at these dimensions or at the same aspect ratio as the recommended dimensions.

  1. When selecting an area to record, press G to turn the video selection guides on or off.
  2. Click and drag to select the recording area. As you drag the cursor near one of the standard dimensions, the guide dimly appears.
  3. Continue to drag the cursor until the selection border highlights to match the guide.


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