TechSmith Relay (Self-Hosted): Failed Presentations

To view presentations that failed to publish, select the (1) Failed presentations bucket using the drop down on the Presentation list. Failed presentations will appear in the space on the left. Clicking a presentation will display details about the presentation on the right and the specific jobs that failed will be (2) indicated as such in the Job Status column.

What to Do When a Presentation or Job Fails

The buttons at the bottom of the job status table offer administrators a few options when a presentation or any of its associated jobs fail to complete processing.

Button Name



This is the first thing you should try when a presentation ends up in a failed state. After clicking this, TechSmith Relay will once again attempt to execute any failed jobs. You can track the progress of a resubmitted presentation by looking for it in the “Processing” bucket. If a failure occurred during the publishing process, this method may help to solve the problem. If after trying Resubmit once or a twice a presentation continues to fail to process, you may need to move to the Re-upload Media button, described below.

Reasons why a “Resubmit” Action might be Necessary

  1. The presentation attempted to publish but the publishing destination could not be reached.
    The server was unavailable or unresponsive.)
  2. The presentation attempted to publish but the credentials used to publish to the server were invalid.
    (The username or password changed and Relay was not updated.)
  3. The presentation attempted to transcode but the server ran out of memory.
    (This can happen with large resolution videos and servers that are running low on resources.)

Re-upload Media

This will remove the presentation’s files from the TechSmith Relay server and request that the recorder that sent the original files uploads them again. The next time that TechSmith Relay recorder is online, the presentation will be re-uploaded to the server and all of the jobs will attempt to run. After you click Re-upload Media, the presentation goes to the Uploading bucket until the server can contact the recorder and the files are re-uploaded. The recorder holds onto presentation files until it is told by the server that the presentation has successfully published.

Reasons why a “Re-Upload” Action might be Necessary

  1. The video cannot be encoded on the Relay server, or the encoding never starts after the presentation looks to be uploaded.
    (In rare cases, usually when many different upload sessions are required for the same piece of media, the client recording machine can think it’s uploaded everything but truly hasn’t.  The server cannot transcode the media until it has received all of the data/files.  A re-upload can fix media in this state.)

Note: This method will not work if the source recording on the recording machine is somehow damaged or corrupt. If this appears to be the case, then Tech Support may be able to help. Please file a ticket here.


If a presentation is damaged, corrupt, or incomplete, then it will never complete processing on the TechSmith Relay server. In this case, the presentation files and recording can be deleted from the server by clicking this button.

Reasons why a “Delete” Action might be Necessary

  1. The video will never fully upload.
    (Examples might include:
    The software was uninstalled before an upload completed to the server.
    The presenter shut down the machine before the upload completed and the machine is no longer available.
    An upload from the Fuse mobile app was aborted in the middle of an upload.)
  2. A recording was made on a machine with bad video or audio drivers and Relay could not create a valid source recording as a result.
    (Relay software relies on the video and audio drivers on the local machine and the local machine had a bad system configuration with its drivers.)
  3. Something happened to the source recording file’s data such that it cannot be read properly.
    (Hardware/harddrive failure.)