Restoring In-App Purchases (Android)

Sometimes when you update your device's operating system or transfer Coach's Eye to a new device, it may seem as though you've lost your in-app purchases (Fully Loaded Pack, PRO or VIP subscriptions, etc.).

*PLEASE NOTE: In order to restore your paid purchases, you will need to ensure you are logged into BOTH Google Play and the Coach's Eye app, using the same account you did at time of purchase.

To restore your purchases:

  1. Download and open the free app.

  2. Open the drawer from the upper left corner of the screen and select Support. 

  3. Select Purchases and Paid App from the menu.

  4. Tap on the menu option, located in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

  5. Tap on Recover Paid App.

  6. Open the list of recent apps used on your device.


  7. Close the Coach's Eye app by tapping on the X in the upper right-hand corner.

  8. Then launch the free app again. You're paid features should now be restored and ready to use.


Additionally, you will want to make sure your Google accounts match and you're using the same Google account you used to purchase.

You will want to make sure that both your device and the Google Play Store are using the correct Google account to access the paid app.First, make sure you add the account you used to buy Coach's Eye as an account on your device. Do this by opening your settings app and tapping accounts, and then tapping on Accounts. Once signed in it should display in the list accessed by tapping Google in the account list.



Next make sure to select this account by opening the Play Store, opening the drawer menu from the upper left corner and using the drop down to select the correct account.