General Preferences

To open the Snagit Preferences, select Snagit > Preferences > General tab.

Always keep Snagit running in the background Keep Snagit running in the background to start a capture at anytime.

Snagit Shows

Choose the display for the capture options. Capture window is the default display.

  • Capture Window: Displays the capture options from a window in the menu bar. The Capture window provides options for both quick and customized capture.
  • OneClick Tab: Displays the quick capture options as a tab on the upper-right side of the screen. The quick capture options display when you hover the cursor over the blur bar.
  • Capture Window & OneClick Tab: Displays the capture options in the menu bar and as a tab on the side of the screen.

See Capture with OneClick Tutorial

Editor color theme

Choose between the two Snagit interface color themes: Light or Dark.

See Change your Snagit Theme Tutorial

Show TechSmith notification feed Show Snagit news, updates, and tips in the upper-right corner of Snagit Editor.
Send anonymous usage information Send anonymous data on Snagit usage to help TechSmith improve future versions.
Automatically check for updates Automatically check or download the latest version of Snagit when connected to the Internet.


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