Keyboard Preferences

Keyboard shortcuts allow you to quickly complete tasks in Snagit. You can change the following default shortcuts:

  • All-in-One Capture (Shift-Control-C)
  • Image Capture (Shift-Control-S)
  • Video Capture (Shift-Control-V)
  • Window (Expose) Capture (Shift-Control-W)
  • Menu Capture (Shift-Control-E)
  • Pause/Resume Recording (Control-Shift-Space)
  • Repeat Last Capture (Shift-Control-R)

Change a Default Keyboard Shortcut

  1. Select Snagit > Preferences > Keyboard tab.
  2. Click the keyboard shortcut button.
  3. Press the desired key combination on the keyboard.

The new keyboard shortcut appears in the field.


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