Send a capture to a FTP (File Transfer Protocol) server. Use FTP to transfer files to an outside network using a secure connection.

  1. In Snagit Editor, click to select an image or video in the Recent Captures Tray.
  2. Select Share > FTP.
  3. The Send with FTP dialog appears. Select the desired FTP options and click OK.

FTP Options

FTP Server Enter the IP address or DNS name of the target FTP server.
Port Enter the port number (usually 21 for FTP).
Remote Path Enter the directory path to the server.
Use passive FTP Connect to the FTP server in passive mode.
Show progress Display the send progress dialog.
Use temp / rename placement Send the capture to the server with a temporary file name. Renames the temporary file to the name entered in the File Name or Prefix field.
Server authentication

If the FTP server does not allow for anonymous FTP, enter the username and password for server authentication.

Use proxy server Select to use a firewall or proxy server.
Proxy server

Enter the Proxy Server/Port. A proxy server uses a different IP or DNS name.


Example: proxy.companyname.com:8080


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