Upload a video to YouTube for video hosting. YouTube provides a URL for quick sharing to your audience or an embed code for embedding the capture on a website or blog.

YouTube resizes the video to fit within their standard dimensions. For best results, record at YouTube's recommended dimensions.

  1. In Snagit Editor, click to select a video in the tray or library.
  2. Click the Share button and select YouTube.
  3. The Connect with YouTube dialog appears. Sign in using a YouTube or Google account.
  4. Click the Allow button.
  5. Enter a video title and description.
  6. Select a Category.
  7. Select to copy the video's URL or copy the HTML embed code onto the Clipboard.
  8. Select the privacy setting for the video.
  9. Click the Upload button.

The video uploads onto your YouTube account and the video's URL or the HTML embed code is copied to the Clipboard.


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