Manage Snagit Outputs

Quickly share your images or videos using the Snagit outputs. The Snagit outputs appear in Share menu in Snagit Editor.

Download Additional Outputs

TechSmith offers additional outputs you can download online.


In Snagit Editor, select Share > More Snagit Outputs.

Add a New Output

You can customize the following items for the output:

  • Save or change your account settings.
  • Set up multiple accounts for the same output, such as a business account and a personal account.
  • Create a custom name for an output.


  1. Select Snagit > Preferences > Output tab.
  2. Click the Add button and select an output from the list.
  3. Enter an Output Name.

    If you set up multiple accounts for the same output, make sure to enter a unique name for each output. For example, "YouTube-Work" and "YouTube-Personal."

  4. Customize the output settings.
  5. Close the Preferences dialog.

Remove an Output

  1. In Snagit Editor, select Snagit > Preferences > Outputs tab.
  2. Select the output to remove and click the Remove button.


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