Camtasia (Mac): Cannot stop iOS device recording or it crashes/hangs


When attempting to record an iOS device using Camtasia, Camtasia won't stop the recording or it crashes.


This problem occurs when only the microphone and the device screen are being recorded. As a workaround, record using the microphone and the system audio. This is a known issue that we hope to fix in a future release.

    1. Restart computer with the device plugged in to a different USB port (if available). Upon restart, make sure any program that may attempt to use/sync with your iOS device is closed such as iTunes or Photos.
    2. Record with your microphone and system audio turned on.
    3. Delete the system audio portion within Camtasia.

If all else fails, record the iOS device in QuickTime and import that recording into Camtasia to edit. See this article on how to use QuickTime Player to do that recording.