Camtasia on Windows and QuickTime

With Apple's decision to no longer support updates to QuickTime on Windows, the US government posted the following announcement advising users to uninstall the QuickTime software.

Will Camtasia still run if I uninstall QuickTime?


Does TechSmith recommend I uninstall the QuickTime software?

Yes. To avoid the vulnerabilities listed in the announcement above, we recommend uninstalling the QuickTime software.

If I uninstall QuickTime can I still import MOV files in Camtasia 8?

If the MOV file is encoded in H.264 video and AAC audio, the file can be imported and played without the use of QuickTime. If you are unable to import the file, change the extension of the file to .mp4 instead of .mov and try importing again. Any other type of MOV files will not be able to be imported into Camtasia.

In Camtasia version 9.0.4 or later, you can import MOV files encoded with the PNG codec which supports alpha transparency.

In Camtasia 2020 or later, you can import MOV files with the Pro-Res codec which supports alpha transparency.

What can I do if I need to edit a MOV which cannot be imported into Camtasia 8 or later?

We recommend converting the MOV file to an MP4 using a free tool called Handbrake. Watch this video to learn how to convert videos using Handbrake. 

Can I still export a MOV file?

No. Camtasia 9 and later no longer offers the ability to export to MOV. However, any player that can play a MOV file can also play an MP4 file.

If you have any other questions, contact our Support team.