Snagit (Windows): "Cannot read this file", or "objects unavailable" error when opening .SNAG file


When attempting to open an image created in a later version of Snagit, one of the error's below appears.


As Snagit continues to improve and implement new tools and features, this may result in some Snagit projects not being able to open in older versions of Snagit. Or, some projects may not display all of of the object when opened in an older version. The version of Snagit that is opening the file must support all of the tools and objects used in the file in order to properly open.

FeatureVersion AddedCompatible with...
Blur (redesigned)
11.3 11.3 +
Step Tool
11.3 11.3 +
13 13 +


Although this will not allow the objects to be edited, it is possible to save the image as a PNG or JPEG from Snagit, and then open it in an older version. This will flatten the image, so any objects that were added will not be editable when opened in the other version of Snagit.