Camtasia (Windows): Smart Player App not working after iOS 9.2


When attempting to play back content using the TechSmith Smart Player on iOS, the app continuously loops between the App Store download page and the content. It will never actually playback the content.



This behavior can occur if the iPhone being used is running iOS 9.2 or later. To fix the problem, please follow the steps below after producing and sharing your project using the TechSmith Smart Player.

Warning! This will cause any quizzing to stop working in the video. This will only allow table of contents, hotspots, and closed captions to work via the iOS Smart Player App.

  1. Download the file attached at the bottom of the page, and unzip the file by double clicking it.
  2. Locate the Production folder containing all of the files produced from Camtasia Studio. 
  3. Inside the production folder folder, open the Scripts folder
  4. Replace the "techsmith-smart-player.min.js" file in the Scripts folder, with the new one from the zip file that was downloaded in step 1. 
    Note: You may be asked if you would like to replace the existing file - choose Yes to replace.
  5. Now, upload the entire production folder to your server, and the content should play back correctly using the Smart Player App on iOS.