Snagit (Mac): Scrolling capture failed


Attempting to take a scrolling capture of an application or web page may result in the following error, or the scrolling capture may not capture the content correctly.


Note: The scrolling arrows will not show up if you are using the Apple App-Store version of Snagit. Please see this article for more information.  

If you are not using the Apple App Store version of Snagit, and the arrows still not showing up, make sure that scrolling is enabled in Snagit.

Panoramic Scroll

Snagit on Mac 4 (and later) introduces a whole new way of capturing content that extends beyond what is visible on your screen - panoramic capture.  If the auto-scroll method is failing or producing undesirable results, give the panoramic capture a try. 

How To: Panoramic Scrolling Capture

Note: Panoramic scrolling capture may have trouble accurately capturing parralax websites.

Web Capture

On Snagit for Mac, an alternate way of capturing a web page is the web capture method described in the following tutorial.

How To: Web Capture

Note: The web capture method will only work with HTTP sites, not HTTPS.

Try a different browser

If you are trying to capture content from a web browser, try viewing the same web page in a different browser. We recommend trying the following three:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Apple Safari

Each browser may display a specific page in a slightly different way (even though it may appear the same on the screen), so some browsers may yield better results than others for specific pages.

Go Incognito

Most modern browsers have the ability to browse in an "incognito" or "private" window. These alternate browsing modes usually disable all third party extensions and add-ons, which can potentially interfere with Snagits scrolling ability.

Check your zoom

Generally, scrolling capture will work best when whatever application is being captures is set to the default 100% zoom level.

Rule out security software

Security software and Identity Protection software is always adapting and changing on a daily basis. Unfortunately, this means that it can sometimes falsely detect Snagit (or any trusted application) as a potential threat and block the software from working properly. Rule out security software as a potential conflict by disabling the security software completely while running a quick test with Snagit.

Do not forget to turn the security software back on!

If the scrolling capture does work when disabling the security software, contact the security software manufacturer for instructions on adding Snagit to the exclusions list (sometimes referred to as the white list).