Snagit (Windows): How to upgrade


How do I upgrade Snagit?



Please review our Snagit Upgrade Policy here. If you are still unsure if you qualify for the upgrade, please contact our Sales team here.

Downloading the Upgrade

Option 1: Check for Updates from Snagit

Snagit will automatically check for and notify you of any updates by default. However, it is also possible to force check for updates.

Snagit 13 and Later

  1. Open the main Snagit capture window or the Snagit Editor.
  2. Click Help > Check for updates.

Snagit 12

  1. Open the main Snagit capture window.
  2. Hover over the capture window and select the gear icon > Help > Check for updates

Option 2: Download separately

After the upgrade has been purchased, download the latest version here.


The previous version of Snagit does not need to be installed in order to download the upgrade. So, for example it is possible to purchase the upgrade, and install it on a brand new computer without installing any previous versions.