Snagit (Mac): Sharing to Office 2016

Problem 1

When attempting to share to some Office 2016 applications, the following dialog appears.  After allowing permission, the capture is placed into the document, but then the same dialog appears on the next share. 

Problem 2

Sharing to Excel always results in this error: 


UPDATE 6/20/2017

This problem has been addressed in Snagit 4.1.5 and later. Update by opening Snagit and browsing to the menu bar item Snagit > Check for updates.

Currently, sharing to Excel 2016 is not supported.  Other Office applications should work, however you will be prompted for permission (from Office) every time an image is shared.  We are investigating both issues.


As a workaround, copy the image to your clipboard and then paste the image into the Office document.

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