Audio Editing and Effects

When creating a video, it’s important to capture good, quality video. But, it's just as important, if not more so, to get good quality audio.

  • Our ears almost always detect an audio error but, our eyes are not so aware of errors occurring on-screen.
  • Most people won’t watch a video if the audio is bad – even if the video itself is very good.
  • People are more likely to continue watching a poor quality video if the audio is good.

Tips for Getting Great Audio

  • Use the best microphone you can afford.
  • Use default Camtasia Recorder audio settings.
  • ALWAYS do a short test recording to ensure audio is being recorded.
  • Use Audio Effects to enhance or correct audio.
  • Add audio points to enhance certain areas of the waveform.

There are two ways to work with audio in Camtasia: edit directly on timeline, or add effects.

Edit Audio on Timeline

To perform this action.... Do this...
Select audio on the timeline... Double-click a clip with audio. The clip turns green and the audio bar appears.
Increase or decrease the volume level...

Drag the audio bar up or down.

Silence a section of audio...

Use the playhead to make a selection. Right-click the selection and choose Silence Audio.

Add audio points...

Double-click on the audio bar.

Move audio points... Grab and drag the audio point across the audio bar.
Fade audio in or out...

To create a fade, add three audio points to the audio bar. Drag up or down to create the desired fade.

Delete audio points...

Right-click an audio point and choose to delete selected point or all points.

Separate system audio from screen recording... Right-click audio and choose Separate Video and Audio.

Change the look of the waveform...

(Windows Only)

Choose Edit > Preferences > Program tab > Mirror waveform.

Save audio as M4A or WAV

Share > Export Audio Only.

Note: Export to MP3 is no longer available.

Apply Mix to Mono to have audio in both channels

Select audio clip on timeline > Properties > Audio sub tab  > Check Mix to Mono option.

Apply Gain to adjust audio level of all selected clips

Select audio clip on timeline > Properties  > Audio sub tab > Gain > Use slider control to adjust audio level.

Add Audio Effects

To add an audio effect, drag to timeline and drop on clip with audio.

  • Once effect is added, click gray bar under waveform to open effects tray. 
  • Drag effect on timeline to adjust its duration. 
  • Customize effects in Properties pane.
To customize this effect... Do this...

Noise Removal

Helps reduce background noise.

  1. Open Properties pane.
  2. Choose Analyze to automate noise removal process. (Windows, only.)
  3. Or, manually adjust the Sensitivity and Reduction to get desired effect.

Volume Leveling

Helps even out audio levels.

  1. Open Properties pane.
  2. Choose level from Variation drop down menu.
  3. Or, manually adjust Ratio, Threshold, and Gain to get desired effect.

Fade In / Fade Out

Creates smooth transition in to or out of audio.

  1. Automatically applied to beginning or end of audio clip.
  2. Grab audio point(s) and drag to adjust.

Pitch (Mac Only)

Adjust frequency of sound waves to change voice sound.

  1. Open Properties pane.
  2. Manually adjust Pitch, Ease In, or Ease Out to get desired effect.

Clip Speed

Cause audio and video clip to play back faster or slower.

  1. Drag effect on timeline to adjust speed.
  2. Or, open Properties pane to adjust Duration and Speed to get desired effect.
  • Adjust speed higher to cause video to play back faster.
  • Adjust speed lower to the video to play back slower.



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