Transitions add a pleasant visual effect between the end of a clip and the beginning of the next clip.

  • Transitions can be added to a group or to a single image, annotation, or video clip.
  • Use transitions to indicate the passage of time, change in location, to call attention, or to create a smooth flow between clips.
  • Add transitions to annotations and images to create a custom look.

To add a Transition to the timeline:

  1. Choose Transitions.
  2. Grab the desired transition...
  3. And drag it to the timeline.
  4. Drop on an area that lights up as yellow. Yellow indicates a transition can be used at the beginning or end of a media or clip.


Use Trimmed Content In Transitions

Transitions use frames at the end of one video and the beginning of another. This can consume portions of the video that need to be seen.


The Use Trimmed Content in Transition option has the transition effect use several frames of a video clip that was trimmed, split, or cut. This retains the edited portion of the video and allows the effect to appear smoother since the "good" frames are not being consumed by the transition.


To better understand this concept, consider the following scenario.

  1. Clip A and Clip B are on the timeline. I need to edit Clip A to remove the highlighted portion.
  2. Clip A has been edited and all unwanted frames removed.
  3. A transition has been added between Clip A and Clip B. The transition consumes the ends of the clips causing the edited portion of Clip A to be cut off.
  4. The solution is using the Use Trimmed Content In Transition option. This allowed the transition to use frames previously cut out of the video leaving the edited part fully intact.


To use the trimmed content option, right-click a transition and choose Use Trimmed Content in Transition.


Working with Transitions

To perform this action... Do this...

Select the transition and press Delete on keyboard.

Change duration...
  • Drag out end of transition out to extend the duration.
  • Drag in end of transition in to shorten the duration.
See details...

Hover over a transition and the Details box appears.

Change transition type... Drag a different transition onto existing transition and drop it there.


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