Cursor Effects

In Camtasia Recorder, cursor data is collected and stored in the TREC recording file. In Editor, the cursor can be enhanced for better visibility using a highlight, spotlight, magnifier, rings, click sounds, and more.


To add a cursor effect to the timeline, place the playhead on a recording that has recorded cursor data.

  1. Click the Cursor Effects tab.
  2. Click a sub-tab to select a category.
  3. Drag desired effect to timeline.
  4. Customize in Properties

Cursor Effect Types

Annotation Category


Cursor Styles 

Highlight, Magnifying Glass, Spotlight

Left and Right Click actions   Rings, Ripple, Scope, Sound, Target, Warp

Working with Cursor Effects

To perform this action... Do this...
Customize color, opacity, look, style, and more... Select cursor effect on timeline, click Properties
Copy and paste to other location...
  1. Right-click cursor effect on timeline and select Copy.
  2. Move playhead on timeline to new recording with cursor data.
  3. Right-click timeline and select Paste.
Move cursor effect to new location on recording... Click and drag to desired location.

Select the cursor effect on recording, press Delete on keyboard.

Change duration...
  • Drag either end of the cursor effect out to extend the duration.
  • Drag either end of the cursor effect in to shorten the duration.
Hide cursor for entire clip...
  1. Select TREC recording file on timeline.
  2. Click Properties.
  3. Change the Opacity setting to zero.
 Hide cursor from view for a duration...
  1. Add a cursor animation such as Cursor Highlight to a TREC recording file.
  2. Click Properties.
  3. Change the Opacity setting to zero.
  4. Drag either end of the cursor effect on TREC in or out to change the duration.

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