Project Settings (Change Canvas Dimensions)

By default, the canvas displays a preview of how the final video will look when produced and shared.


However, if you need to change the size of the video, for best results, choose the canvas dimensions you want your final video to be.


When changing canvas dimensions, keep these things in mind:

  • Choose editing dimensions smaller than the original recording to optimize your recording for SmartFocus zoom animations.
  • Editing dimensions of at least 640 x 480 are required for any video to have a table of contents (TOC) or quiz / survey.
  • Change the canvas / edition dimensions before you begin the editing process. Once you begin to edit or add effects, animations, and annotations, changing your dimensions can skew the look of work already done.


To change the Canvas / Editing Dimensions

  1. Over the canvas, click the Magnification drop down menu. Choose Project Settings.
  2. The Project Settings dialog appears.
    • To change dimensions to a standard size preset, click Canvas Dimensions and choose preset from menu.
    • To enter custom width and height for dimensions, enter dimensions (in pixels) into Width and Height fields.
    1. Click Apply.


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