Edit a Theme

Themes consist of unique Quick Styles for each project, organization, or style guide you work with. Snagit helps you set up a theme based on the selected color palette. You can add more styles or edit the theme at any time.

  1. In Snagit Editor, click to select a tool.
  2. The tool properties open. In the Theme dropdown, click the icon next to the theme and select Edit.
  3. The Edit Theme dialog appears. Complete the desired edits.
  4. Click Save.


    Editing a theme overwrites your existing Quick Styles in the theme. To maintain your existing styles, you can edit the Quick Styles individually. See Manually Add or Edit Quick Styles.

Manually Add or Edit Quick Styles

When creating a new theme, Snagit automatically generates Quick Styles based on the selected colors. You can customize these Quick Styles for each tool to fit your needs.

  1. In Snagit Editor, click to select a tool.
  2. The tool properties open. Click the Theme dropdown and select a theme from the list.
  3. In the Quick Styles, click to select the style to edit.
  4. Edit the tool properties. As you edit the properties, a new Quick Style appears at the bottom of the existing styles.
  5. Click the  icon to save the new Quick Style.

Delete Quick Styles

Right-click on a Quick Style and select Delete Quick Style.


The Quick Style is permanently deleted from the selected theme.


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