Snagit (Windows): Automatically updating to trial of Snagit


Our organization uses an older version of Snagit, and our users are constantly being upgraded automatically to  the latest version and placed into trial mode. Even though we have disabled automatically checking for updates in Snagit, this behavior is still happening.


Snagit alone is unable to automatically install major version updates on its own without user interaction or administrator approval and action (for example v12 to v13). We have identified two IT solutions that we have found can automatically push the version 13 update to its clients.

End Users

Please contact your IT team to request that the update be disabled.


If you are unable to find where to disable the automatic updates in your IT solution, we recommend contacting the appropriate support team.


LANDESK does not currently distinguish between minor (ie 13.0.0 -> 13.0.1) and major version updates (ie 12 -> 13). To prevent Snagit from auto-updating, the feature in this article should be disabled. For further assistance in disabling the auto-update in LANDESK, please contact their support team here.

If you wish to have LANDESK support major version detection, and to offer the ability to treat minor releases differently than major releases, please file a feature request with LANDESK support.

GFI Languard

For information on how to prevent auto-updating in GFI Languard, please contact the GFI Support team here.


At this time, we have only identified LANDESK and GFI as causes for this behavior. If you do use a different solution and find the same behavior, we would like to speak with you. Please submit a support ticket with us here.