Snagit (Windows): Snagit 12 Video/Audio Not Working on Windows 10

Note: The problem described below is not an issue on Snagit 13 and later.

Problem #1

After installing the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, Snagit 12 appears to be recording from the microphone, however audio is not actually being recorded. System audio continues to work.

Problem #2

Snagit appears to be recording, however after the recording opens in the Editor only a few seconds of the recording playback.


Option 1: Automatic Fix

This option will only work if Snagit is installed in the default install directory (shown below).

Default Install Directory

64-Bit: C:\Program Files (x86)\TechSmith\Snagit 12\

32-Bit: C:\Program Files\TechSmith\Snagit 12\

  1. Close Snagit so that it is not running at all: Open your Task Manager by hitting Ctrl + Shift + ESC or by hitting Ctrl + Alt + Delete. Go to your "Processes" tab within the Task Manager. If you do not see "Processes", click on "Show More Details" in the bottom left of the Task Manager window. Scroll to the S's and right click on anything that says Snagit and choose "End Task" or "End Process". Close out of the Task Manager.
  2. Download the following tool and save it to your computer: Snagit 12 Automatic Fix
  3. Run the "Snagit12Fix.exe" file by double clicking it. You will be prompted with a Windows UAC window asking for your permission. Select Yes.
  4. Once complete, reopen Snagit and try it again

Option 2: Manual Fix

  1. Close out of Snagit so that it is not running at all. Open your task manager (ctrl + alt + delete) and click on the Processes tab and make sure SnagIt32.exe, SnagItEditor.exe, and SnagPriv.exe are not running in that list.
  2. Browse to the location where Snagit is installed on your computer.  In the Snagit 12 folder, locate the TSCRec3.dll file. 
  3. Right click on that file and choose Rename, and then rename it to TSCRec3.dll.bak
  4. Download the following file and save it to your computer: Snagit 12 Manual Fix
  5. Right click on the TSCRec3.dll that get extracted from the zip file, and choose Copy
  6. Browse to back to where Snagit is installed on your computer.
  7. Right click on the Snagit 12 folder and choose paste
  8. Reboot the computer
  9. Launch Snagit and give it a try