Camtasia (Windows): Version 8 Library Assets are Missing in Camtasia 9


After upgrading to Camtasia 9 I can no longer see my version 8 library assets.


In Camtasia Studio 9 we have included new and engaging assets for you to put in your video.  As a result we no longer include the default Camtasia Studio 8 assets as part of the Camtasia 9 installation.  There are two ways to get those assets back.

  1. If you still have Camtasia Studio 8 installed open it up, go to the library tab, right click and choose Export library.  This will create a .libzip file which you can then import into Camtasia 9 by clicking on File > Library > Import Zipped Library.
  2. Another option is to export just the individual project that contains those specific assets.  In Camtasia Studio 8 click on File > Export Project as Zip.  Then in Camtasia 9 choose File > Import Zipped Project.