Camtasia Upgrade Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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What does Camtasia 9/3 mean?

The 9/3 means that it is the 9th version on PC and the 3rd version on Mac.

Am I eligible for the Camtasia 9/3 upgrade if I had Camtasia for Mac 2 or vice versa?

Yes, Since Camtasia 9/3 is cross platform compatible, you are eligible for upgrade pricing whether you currently have Camtasia Studio OR Camtasia for Mac (any previous version).  Your new license can be used on either platform. Please visit our Camtasia Upgrade page to purchase.

How many computers can I install on?

A single-user license of our software can be installed on up to two computers (e.g. a desktop and laptop, or a home computer and work computer) as long as both are being utilized by the same user and both computers are not in use at the same time. This is considered a valid use of the license which is described in detail under the license agreement.

Will my Camtasia Studio 8 and Camtasia for Mac 2 project files work?

You will be able to open Camtasia Studio 8 project files in Camtasia 9, and Camtasia for Mac v2 project files in Camtasia 3.  Once your project files are converted to Camtasia 9/3 projects, you will be able to transfer them between Mac and PC.  

Is Camtasia 9 "lighter" than Camtasia Studio?

Camtasia 9/3 is the same powerful screen recorder and video editor that you are used to in Camtasia Studio, but we have combined Camtasia for Mac with it to have one robust video editing and screen recording tool that you can use no matter what platform you are on.  It has all of the features you are used to in Camtasia Studio, plus a lot more new features we are really excited about!

Do I need separate keys?

No, a single key will unlock both Camtasia on the Mac and PC.

Does Camtasia for Mac 3 have the same features as Camtasia 9?

The functionality of what you can accomplish is the same in both products.  A few minor differences in workflow remain.  The library is one component that is not yet readily available on Mac, but you can still use the assets that are available for Camtasia by downloading them from our web site.  However we are working to bring these products even closer together.

Do I need to have an earlier version installed in order to upgrade?

While you do not have to have an earlier version installed on your computer, you do need to own an earlier version of Camtasia in order to qualify for an upgrade.

If I upgrade, will it overwrite my current version?

No, Camtasia 9 will install side by side with Camtasia Studio 8.  Camtasia for Mac 3 will install side by side with Camtasia for Mac 2.