Delete Content

Content on Screencast can be deleted. Deleting content is a good way to free up storage space in your account. You can choose to delete individual files, a group of selected items, or entire folders and playlists. When content is deleted from your Library, it is permanently removed from Screencast.

This process will permanently delete content and cannot be undone. If you want to keep content that you are deleting from Screencast, download it your computer.

You can delete:

Delete an Individual File

Navigate to the content to delete. Hover over the item and click Delete.


Delete Multiple Files

  1. Navigate to the items to delete. Click the checkbox next to select each one.
  2. Click the Delete selected content button to permanently delete the items.

Delete a Folder or Playlist

Deleting a folder will also permanently delete the content inside of that folder. When a Playlist is deleted, the associated content remains intact in its original folder.
  1. Hover over the folder or playlist in the list. Click the gear icon and choose Delete.
  2. Confirm that you would like to delete the folder or playlist.


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